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Coaching for solo health and wellness entrepeneurs

Let me focus on your business, so you can focus on your clients. 

I help Independent Healers with opening up their dream brick and mortar Practice: Reiki Healers, Massage Therapists, Aestheticians, Energy Healers..etc

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Embarking on the journey of opening your brick-and-mortar location as an independent health and wellness practitioner is a remarkable step towards realizing your dreams. Small business coaching can be your guiding light, offering not just strategic advice but also a nurturing space for your aspirations to flourish. Picture this as a partnership where your unique gifts meet seasoned wisdom, allowing you to carve out a sanctuary for healing and well-being. Through tailored guidance, you'll navigate the intricate steps of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience. As you embark on this transformative endeavor, remember that your vision is the heartbeat of your brick-and-mortar sanctuary, and with compassionate coaching, you'll not only open the doors to your business but also to a haven where wellness takes center stage.


-Marketing your business

-Accountability coaching

-Local SEO

-Website auditing (I specialize in Wix)

-Showing up on Google

-Mindset coaching

-Opening a new business

-Being a  support system

-Social Media presence 

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Nurturing your potential, One session at a time...

I've been exactly where you find yourself now, stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship with the launch of Serene Soul Studio in Delray Beach, FL. The mix of emotions – overwhelmed, scared, and excited – resonates deeply with my own experience when I opened my first brick-and-mortar location.

In those early days, I wore multiple hats as my own marketing coach, business coach, and accountability coach. It was a significant undertaking, but I made a firm decision, committed wholeheartedly, and embarked on a journey of self-education to master every aspect of running a solo practice.

Over the course of 6.5 successful years, I've had the privilege of serving thousands of clients and gaining invaluable insights into marketing strategies, business operations, cultivating the right mindset, and the crucial lesson of setting epic boundaries – an indispensable skill learned through the challenges of entrepreneurship.

As I evolved on this journey, I recognized the importance of seeking guidance from coaches who have traversed a similar path. Investing in mentors has been instrumental in my continuous growth, allowing me to level up both personally and professionally.

I acknowledge the significance of hiring a coach, especially one who has navigated the same challenges and triumphs you're currently facing. It's a transformative step that can elevate your journey and provide you with the insights and support needed for sustained success.


Karolina has meaningful experience as an entrepreneur in her career. As a Coach, she offers valuable insight, recommendations, and feedback on what is important to consider while starting a business. She has a lot of knowledge about building websites, and using SEO and marketing to speak to the potential client's needs and wants. She has an eye for what a client is looking for when seeking out a provider and helps you articulate the client's needs in your messaging. Additionally, karolina is very innovative and is always thinking of new business ideas to make passive income, whether that be selling programs, guides, or creating community-based groups. Karolina's perspective is extremely supportive and helpful!

Karolina Mankowski is an exceptional business coach. She has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses and develop a clear plan for achieving my goals. Her approach is supportive and challenging, and I always feel motivated and inspired after our sessions. This testimonial serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the transformative influence that Karolina has had on my journey as an aesthetician. From the moment I dreamed of establishing my own practice, I was challenged to translate my passion for skincare and beauty into a thriving business. Little did I anticipate that hiring Karolina would be the pivotal factor I needed.

Christina Bavner / Skin Care Specialist

Elizabeth Kuntz / Nutritonist and Health Coach

I've known Karolina for two years now as my Reiki therapist. She is the best on earth. When I learned that she expanded her expertise to SEO consultation I "signed" right up. We had a two hour deep look into my business and she recommended very useful and profit making changes on the webpage as well as on our social media presence. Karolina has truly found her calling in business coaching and handled my needs very professional. I highly recommend her.

Monika Boehm-Fandino / Business Owner-Lifecannmd

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 1-hour session


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