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6-Week Transformative Journey



Whether you come from an abusive childhood trying to deal with the ongoing stress and pressures that come with being a naturally giving person and coping with overgiving and people-pleasing, leaving yourself energetically drained, or a stay-at-home mom going through some big life changes, such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one, it's completely understandable that you may be feeling disconnected, lost, and in search of finding peace and serenity in your life.

My coaching is rooted in the belief that you need to find your way back to yourself and unlearn what no longer serves you before you're able to make the right decisions that will bring your life into alignment with your true self. 

During our sessions, I will walk with you, guiding you the whole time. Think of me as your personal Earth Angel —   I am there to guide you, to make you aware of your true self, and assure that you are moving in the right direction — so ultimately, you can find your way home to yourself. 

Using traditional coaching techniques rooted in the core energy coaching methodology, paired with mindfulness meditations, hypnotic recordings, and stress reduction exercises, my goal is to show you the way to your authentic self, heal from your past and create a safe space to let go and feel whole and complete from within. 

Let's get you reconnected and remember who you are. 

The Ideal Candidate

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Ready to Change

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Ready to Grow

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Ready to let GO

Research and my experience as a teacher show that change is more sustainable and longer lasting after a longer commitment to your growth even though you may experience shifts and notice the change immediately.


This is why I created the 6-week package which will allow us to break existing belief structures that are no longer serving you and implement new strategies and coping skills to support you in creating a deep, loving relationship with yourself.  We will also work on building the mind+body+soul connection within to help connect you to your desires and passions. When you've made the decision to commit to yourself and create change in your life I want to offer the best setup and work environment possible to ensure you see those results. 

Here's what the 6 week package will look like: 

  • Our first session will be an extended session for me to gain an idea on what you are looking for and what you would like to accomplish.  

  • We will explore any emotional residue you may be carrying and help you process and release it so you can move forward.

  • We will look at and clear any blocks and limiting beliefs that may be self-sabotaging and preventing you from moving forward.

  • We will dive deep into your childhood with some powerful inner-child work

  • I will provide you with tools and guidance to help you create new and more effective coping mechanisms to help you overcome and reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. 

  • I will help you create a self-care practice that works for you, supports what you may need at any time, and that you can maintain. 

  • I will guide you in building your self-confidence and self-love so you can empower yourself in building a life you love, a life that fills you with joy and that you wake up excited to live every day. 


Here's what your 6-week package includes:

  • 6 private, weekly 1:1 sessions with me over Zoom or in person (my Delray Beach, FL office)

  • Extended 1st session

  • Unlimited email & text support

  • Tools for a lifetime


I'm so glad you are here and are taking this step. I am honored that you have chosen me and I don't take that lightly. I want to help you achieve your goals and teach you to fall in love with yourself


Take the next step and click to schedule our first session, I can't wait to chat with you and join you on your journey!

I am currently taking on new clients who are looking to invest in themselves and begin their healing journey. I only work with a couple of clients at a time so I can give you my full attention and energy. Please fill out the contact page with as much detail as you can so we can see if I am the best fit for your healing needs at this time. I will contact you to set up an initial consult call

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