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Get to know Karolina

AKA "The Soul Doctor"

Karolina is a Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner, and Intuitive Healer helping those on their Spiritual journeys become the best version of themselves. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Karolina Has helped hundreds of people awaken their Spiritual and Emotional bodies so healing can commence. 
Karolina's sessions will bring into awareness what needs to be healed and dealt with. Whether you are feeling stuck, need clarity on a life theme, or confirmation that you are on the right path, Karolina will guide you.

"A reason you feel lost is that you forget that the path you are looking for is meant to be created by you" 

Karolina's story

Karolina always knew she was different. As a little girl, she often felt there was more than what she could see with her naked eye. In High School, she would often spend time in Metaphysical stores looking up books about spells and witches in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

After moving to Florida when she was 24 is when her true Spiritual journey began. After a couple of serious heartbreaks was when she turned inward and went on a deep Spiritual Healing journey. Reparenting her Inner Child and learning the importance of Self-Love, Compassion, and self-teaching herself intense Mindset, transformative, and quantum Healing work.

In 2016, after attending her first Reiki training was when her Intuitive gifts elevated to a new level. Being able to speak to her Guides and tapping into different realms is now a part of who she is.

Karolina picked this lifetime to bring all of her gifts to fruition and to help others reconnect with themselves.

Karolina is a Reiki Master and a QHHT Practitioner (Level 1)

She truly embodies being a Spiritual Teacher, always learning and doing the Inner work herself.

She currently is located in Delray Beach FL, the owner of Serene Soul Studio, where she runs groups, classes as well as 1:1 Coaching.  She is available for Zoom sessions. 

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