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Q&A With Karolina Mankowski

Get to know her better

How did you become a Coach?

I never "decided" to become a Coach. I fell into the profession naturally. Through my life circumstances, I had the decision to make. Fall into depression and chose to escape my feelings or do the tough inner work and heal emotionally and spiritually.  I knew I had a bigger purpose in life and I am simply fulfilling it. Teaching and Healing are my callings and I have "known" it for a while. It is no coincidence that I have been through so much in life that I can relate to my clients on a much deeper level. 

What do you love about what you do?

I love guiding people on their own unique journeys. I love providing a safe, non-judgmental space and helping them make sense of their own thoughts and souls' longing. I always say if you are meant to meet me you will. We are all connected and through my work, as I can help 1 Soul, I am indirectly helping hundreds more

How are you different from other Healers/Coaches?

The longer I do this work I find I differentiate myself in the fact that I have been where my clients are. So I can empathize much more deeply. I didn't just take a Life Coaching course and then start working with clients. I have lived through the hurts, the emotional breakdowns, and the days feeling lost and alone. So I can relate to my clients on a much deeper level. This is my life's work. 

What type of clients do you work with?

Thoe are ready and committed to their growth. 

What's your favourite thing to do when not working with clients?

Spending time in nature and enjoying quiet and solitude. 

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