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Spiritual Healing in New York City, NY

Not sure what's holding you back?

Confused about why you're stuck?

You are not alone.

Connect with Karolina today and let her guide you on your path to peace and balance today

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Heal from the inside out with a New York City, NY Spiritual Advisor

You are a spiritual being having a human experience

You know that feeling when you realize the person you are is not whom you want to be? That feeling of being lost and uncertain about where to turn next? For many people, life has become a long string of commitments and obligations that leaves little room for self-reflection. It's easy to go through life on autopilot, surrounded by others who need us, but completely disconnected from our true selves.

If this sounds like you and you're ready to reconnect with your truest self, Karolina will support your journey with guidance and advice, helping bring back balance into your life. Let her show you ways to live authentically while living a full life.

Empower Yourself - Spiritual advising offers a different way to approach life's challenges - one rooted in self-love and care. Let Karolina guide you through a session so you can live life with a clearer mind and a stronger sense of self-worth.
Unlock New Clarity - When Karolina guides your spiritual advising session, she'll teach you new ways to unlock insights about what it is that you need most in order to feel fully alive again.
Gain More Perspective - You'll come away from a spiritual advising session feeling like you're ready to move forward because Karolina will show you new perspectives on life's challenges.

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What is a Spiritual Advisor?

A  New York City spiritual coach is someone who helps you through your spiritual journey by serving as an objective guide and sounding board. He or she helps you get clear on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it better. A good spiritual coach will know how to assist you in your quest for fulfillment and living life on purpose. 

Have you been working towards your goals and making no progress? Are you stressed out because you can’t seem to get things in order at work or at home? Do you have relationship problems that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try to deal with them on your own? Maybe it’s time for spiritual coaching. A good spiritual coach can help you move forward so that you don’t just survive but thrive in life. After all, isn’t that what we all want – to do more than just get by; to find fulfillment, satisfaction, and success in our jobs and relationships? It might be time for a little soul-searching – and perhaps an outside perspective can help.

How can a Spiritual Advisor help me?

At certain points in our lives, we may feel confused about what’s happening and need clarity on certain life issues.  It could be anything from wondering how to manage your energy healing practice better to question whether you should quit your job and start your own business. A spiritual advisor can help you clarify thoughts, beliefs, or questions that have been troubling you. They use tools and techniques not used by traditional therapists working the emotional and spiritual body. 

A good spiritual advisor in New York City will be able to articulate their experience in ways that will help you better deal with yours. They have the training, tools,  expertise and have already worked out these issues for themselves and can help show you how to do so as well. Most importantly, however, a good spiritual advisor should be encouraging, not judgmental or prohibitive - they should encourage open-mindedness and acceptance in all things. Click the button below and let's get started on your inner journey

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A spiritual teacher in New York City utilizes numerous techniques including..


Frequently Asked Questions

More about Karolina's sessions

How many sessions do I need? How long is each session?

Change does not happen in an instant, so Karolina recommends working with her for at least 4 weeks. Everybody is different so Karolina will assess your progress after the 4-week program. Each session is 90 min. You are more than welcome to book a session as needed. 

What makes Karolina different than other therapists?

Karolina combines the emotional and spiritual body when working with her clients, not only the mind. Karolina is constantly working on herself and through her own deep inner work and studies she truly understands what it entails to live a life of peace and connection

How do I make an appt? Where is Karolina located?

Karolina is based in Delray Beach, FL where she offers in-person appts. She is available for Zoom sessions worldwide. To contact Karolina click HERE


Who is Karolina Mankowski?

Get to know her

Karolina is a Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner, and Intuitive Healer helping those on their Spiritual journeys become the best version of themselves. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Karolina Has helped hundreds of people awaken their Spiritual and Emotional bodies so healing can commence. 
Karolina's sessions will bring into awareness what needs to be healed and dealt with. Whether you are feeling stuck, need clarity on a life theme, or confirmation that you are on the right path, Karolina will guide you.


Here’s What They’re Saying


Tracy Litt

As I grow my impact as an Entrepreneur, as someone on a mission, there are a few things I invest in consistently and without question. One of those things is my work with Karolina. Karolina is highly intuitive, loving, and nurturing. Her energy and channeling work creates clarity and connection to myself that’s hard to put into words. Each time we’re together, my belief in myself, and my knowing that I am divinely supported increases exponentially. She’s extraordinarily gifted and a Spiritual force of nature. Anyone who chooses to work with her will be better for it. Run, don’t walk to see her. Love you Karolina.

New York Spiritual Resources

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