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Start with the NOW

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Don't worry about the HOW. Focus on the NOW.

There will be many moments when you feel overwhelmed with your healing journey and your mind will take you down the rabbit hole.

Some questions you are asking yourself are:

HOW to feel better?

What do I need to DO to make this feeling go away and find peace?

WHEN will I start feeling better?

WHOM do I need to call to make me feel better?

(Well you can work with me!)

All of these questions and wanting to have a quick fix is very disempowering.

You are putting your focus AWAY from you, instead of ON you (Which your body is craving)

So instead, stop and get back into your body. Simply take a big breath and become aware of these thoughts and get back into the PRESENT moment.

Get back into the NOW and the HOW will reveal itself on its own.

Karolina is a Self-Love Coach guiding others on their Spiritual Journey. Ready to commit to a new you? Reach out today: Contact | Karolina Mankowski

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