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You and Your Inner Child

Inner Child Healing

We all carry wounds from our childhood that are trauma, emotional neglect, and sometimes even worse physical abuse. Many grown-up people feel alone with their suffering and try to conceal it because that’s why they have been doing it since childhood. That’s when inner child healing comes into the picture. Keep reading to find more about inner child healing.

What is Inner Child Healing?

Inner child healing, also called inner child work, is a way to acknowledge the needs that were not met as children and heal the attachment wounds developed during the infancy period. While growing up, individuals have a younger part of themselves that was not loved rightly or the way they needed as a child. Inner child healing means creating a space in the subconscious where they are allowed to take the lead.

Inner work is an act where you go inside yourself and explore your true feelings and sufferings in childhood that may have been labeled as inappropriate or unlovable by people around you. By doing so, you peel back coping mechanisms such as being reluctant or avoidant, numbing our feelings, being distant from people, and fully accepting and integrating the subconscious into consciousness.

Importance of Inner Child Healing

Let’s talk about the importance of inner child work. As people grow up, they start to acknowledge the wounds from their childhood; whether it’s a trauma, emotional neglect, or abuse, many people feel helpless or even alone in their wounds and sufferings. And this is why inner child healing is significant because it reminds us that it’s not our fault and we are not bad or wrong.

Another significant aspect of inner child healing is that by healing our inner child, we create a safe space that our younger selves have always needed, and through this, the positive traits of our inner child shine brighter. Experts believe that when we understand our behaviors and heal the inner child, we are trying to recover the coming generations. We contribute to healing the world. Living in a world where individuals affect one another is what coregulation is about.

Tips to Heal Your Inner Child

The first step towards healing is to acknowledge your inner child’s existence. Experts believe that if someone is more open to accepting their relationship with their inner child, the healing process of the inner child’s wounds will start more quickly; however, if you resist exploring your past, the healing journey may become challenging.

1. Write a letter

Another great way to heal your inner child is to write a letter to your younger self. You can write about your childhood memories from an adult perspective, discussing insight about events that you may not understand back then. You can also add words of comfort and reassurance for yourself.

2. Relive your childhood joys

Responsibilities fall on your shoulders as you grow up, but relaxation is also an essential mental health component. You can go for a walk at your favorite park, grab an ice cream, pick your favorite flavor, and spend time with children, anything that makes you happy.

3. Consult a therapist

Past sufferings can leave a more profound mark on anyone’s personality. Going to a therapist can help you navigate the complexities that may come with the trauma and learn strategies to heal your inner child. Inner child therapy is also called inner child work, specifically focusing on the healing process.

If you want to connect with your inner child, you must understand and communicate in their language, which is sensory and somatic-based. Try the above-mentioned tips to connect with your inner child and start the healing process.

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