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Your Childhood trauma is running the show

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Childhood Trauma is running the show

So you want to be enlightened?

Do you want to feel happy and find peace within yourself?

This starts with figuring out who you are. Who you are starts with your childhood. We must look at the relationship between our childhood traumas and our ways of being. Your trauma is running the show. Not the adult you.

The sad, abandoned, discarded child within you is making all of your life decisions, attracting your romantic partners, and choosing your thoughts.

Most who are fixated on oneness are actually running away from unresolved trauma.

You can only run so far until that inner child gets tired and has a temper tantrum and gives up.

Healing requires integrating the two, noticing their needs, and listening and honoring your truth.

Only then can we fly high, not being detained by our past.

Ready to heal?

Send me a message and let's get started on your journey to peace and happiness

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