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3 Elements to Manifesting Anything You Want

Manifestation has been talked about by most top coaches, healers, and influencers. Still, this topic is one that mesmerizes most and few have mastered this simple yet complex concept.

Throughout my journey of self-discovery and healing, I have manifested a lot in my life and one key commonality in all of my magical moments of creating life's abundances I have discovered these 3 key elements that kept coming up consistently as I challenged my gifts.


It has to come from Source/God. It has to be meant for you and only you. You are meant to create this specific thing/event/path and it's your duty to manifest it in this lifetime


Your heart has to be in it. If you don't love it then it won't last. You will only be able to fake it for so long until your true colours are revealed and the plan falls apart


You can't sit on the couch and meditate until something appears in front of you. Wouldn't that be fun? Sorry, doesn't work this way

Watch below as I speak more on this topic :

Karolina Mankowski is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Advisor based in Delray Beach, FL helping people connect with themselves and discover their true potential Click HERE to connect with Karolina

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