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The Art of Being Alone

Let’s embrace the art of being alone. I call it an art since few will master it and most will not embrace this part of themselves.

Being alone is powerful

Being alone is fulfilling

Being alone is transforming

Being alone is empowering

As a society, we look at being alone as a bad thing. We pity, feel sorrow, feel distress for someone when we hear of them doing things/being alone.

But in solitude is when we can really connect to ourselves, listen to our inner guidance and learn to trust. The level of connectedness you feel with yourself is directly correlated with how comfortable you are being alone.

There is a difference between being alone and lonely. When we learn to connect with ourselves, we get to a place where we never feel alone.

We have seen this emphasis towards partnerships, team building,

and collaborating as a better way. As a species, yes we are naturally pack animals but the true self must never be lost among the chaos.

We are only introduced to our true selves in solitude-Karolina Mankowski
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