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What it means to be Psychic and Intuitive

Everyone can be Intuitive. It's a skill that you practice like no other. The more you practice it, the easier it will be to live the 6th sense naturally. Here are 4 steps to getting into the mindset for living a life in constant flow and being guided by the Universe.


There is a HIgher Power at play in your life at all times. When you have an Intuitive Hit don't dismiss it, don't second-guess it, don't question it. Being open means changing your perspective and you begin to be receptive to the Psychic world.


Expect that guidance will always be there when you need it. When you expect it you attract it right to you. The Universe wants you to win.


Trust the guidance you get.

Intuitive messages will never change. Silencing the mind is the challenging part. Let go and trust that the guidance you are receiving is coming to you at the perfect time. Trust that the guidance you are receiving is helpful.

4. ACT

Act on your Intuitive Guidance. To be in constant flow in life is to incorporate the human component as well

Practice these 4 steps consistently and watch what your life change exponentially.

Karolina Mankowski is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Advisor based in Delray Beach, FL helping people connect with themselves and discover their true potential. Click HERE to connect with Karolina

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