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How Psychics Predict The Future

Psychics can't predict the future. Nobody can.

As an Intuitive Healer, part of my sessions does involve an Intuitive Reading component and I have the gift of being able to read people's energy and "see" what is happening on a much deeper level. I have the ability to access their Higher Self with my Higher Self. Imagine a meeting of the Souls where we leave our Humanness behind. I am simply tapping into a different realm.

Many translate this to me giving a Psychic reading as I can see future events and experiences.

I find it no benefit to my client simply giving them a Reading. A Reading is simply confirming what they already know. I always add an element to Coaching to my sessions to help guide people on learning more about themselves and how to connect with their true self.

I have been doing informal readings for over 5 years now. I have "seen" new relationships, job losses, spirits, and big life changes amongst hundreds of other personal events for my clients. I love seeing my clients align with their true potential.

How do I do this?

I read the energy

I read the likelihood of a certain event taking place.

But nothing is ever for certain.

I can read the energy and what it exists right now. There is no such thing as a prediction of the future. There is only sensing of the energy that exists at the time the prediction is made. I am sensing where a lot of energy and momentum may exist and if that energy doesn't change it will manifest. But if the energy does change, the "prediction" won't come true. Something else will happen.

When predictions don't come true is because psychics may not recognize that the thing they are picking up on right now is just the energy as it exists right now but they may not be sensitive enough to know whether there is a lot of momentum behind it or a little momentum behind it. Therefore they state that an event will happen. Nobody knows for certain whether something will happen There is only a high probability of manifestation or a low probability of manifestation. You are only capable of sensing what exists now.

Every possible future already exists, so the idea is, which one will you probably experience, based on the shifts within your energy and the actions you take. No psychic will be able to see details. You have some degree of probability of manifestation of that particular experience based on you and you alone.

If you change your mind, you will have something else. This is why when you hear a prediction, the knowledge, and awareness of the prediction itself can actually make itself outmoded because it's telling you how the energy is laid out. If you don't prefer a certain outcome, you can change it now that you are aware of it. And if you change it, you've just made the prediction debatable.

.The more you connect with yourself, the more in tune you will become with your own energies and you will be able to give yourself readings. I only confirm what you already know. Nothing more.

So if you ever see a Psychic and they tell you something is going to happen for certain and it's "written in the cards", RUN. You have free will, always.

Karolina Mankowski is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Advisor based in Delray Beach, FL helping people connect with themselves and discover their true potential Click HERE to connect with Karolina

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